The Walking for Pleasure program was started in 1988 by the Brisbane City Council (BCC) in conjunction with the Queensland Council on the Ageing.  The program has expanded over the years with more walks, volunteers and participants becoming involved each year.   In 1998 Brisbane City Council decided that the volunteers should become responsible for the running of the program, and with funding supplied by BCC, the group became incorporated and were under contract to produce the program of walks and publish a biannual program booklet for BCC.

In 2002 the contract with BCC to produce the program was put to public tender.   Walking for Pleasure Brisbane Inc. was not successful with their tender, and at a meeting of 96 members, held in November 2002, a decision was made to become an independent not for profit Community Group, to be run by  volunteers.DSC_0059A Walkers South Bank_01

To meet the cost of Public Liability Insurance it was decided at the November meeting, to charge a membership fee of $30.00 pa for each member.   This became effective on 1 April 2003. There being no further increase in membership fees until 1st July 2021. From that date annual membership fee for each member is $35. Those interested are invited to attend 2 complimentary walks before deciding to take out membership.

The program includes walks of many types such as Heritage walks, Riverside walks, Walks in natural areas, early morning, afternoon and evening walks as well as 8am and 10am walks in all parts of Brisbane and surrounding areas.   These walks are open to everyone of reasonable fitness and people are encouraged to walk at their own pace.   Volunteers attend each walk.

Our aim is to continue to provide a program of community walks which is available to everyone. These walks are planned with the idea of using public transport to reach the start and finish points, and to keep costs at a minimum.

As well as the regular Program of walks throughout the Greater Brisbane  metropolitan area, the group has an Outdoor Adventures program, which is  available to financial registered members of Walking for Pleasure Brisbane Inc.  Outdoor Adventures cater for those who like to go camping or on Safari’s visiting areas of Australia which are of special interest.